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My One-Year Stats

Here I am at the Pediatrician’s office, or actually, in the waiting room at the fish tank. I have to apologize to the little white fish that I scared when I hit the glass. Sorry! Didn’t know I’d hit it that hard. I’m still learning these things, you know.

Anyway – I got weighed and measured. I am now 30 1/4 inches tall (that’s around the 90% for height), and I weigh 21 lbs, 14 oz (about 60% for weight). Go figure, eh?

I have to wait for my shots since I have an ear infection, but that’s okay. It just means I get to visit the fish again next week!

Stay tuned for a full report of my birthday party. I had a blast and made a mess. Cool!

One-Year Old!

It’s my first birthday today! I vaguely recall the day I met Mom and Dad. I know I was cold and scared, but the scooped me up real guick like and hugged me tight. I think I slept a lot those first few days. And then I met my brother, Bug. He sure is a sweet brother, always looking out for me and trying to clean my face. I’ve had a lot of fun this past year, learning to sit up and crawl and eat and laugh. I’ve still only got two teeth and a little bit of hair, but I’m really close to walking and talking. I love to laugh and swim and crawl and walk from object to object. I love riding in my pink car and my backpack and napping on Dad. I hear there’s a big party for me this weekend with all my friends and cousins and grandparents. I can’t wait. I know just what I’m going to wear!

Birthday Week!

I’m going to turn one-year old this week, so to kick it off our friends Jill and Lisa came over to start the celebrations. Mom tried to take a picture of me sitting between them, but I’m just too fast! This is the shot she got. Jill and Lisa brought me a super fun summer party dress with matching tights! I can’t wait to wear it, so if here about a happening party let me know. I have the perfect dress!

Skylar loves Charlie’s Slide

[flickr video=4436281403 show_info=true w=260 h=195]


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I got to hang out with my cousins this weekend… all 5 of them! And while we were at my Auntie Heather’s and Uncle Chris’s house, my cousin Charlie let me play on his slide. Over and over and over. I loved it. Charlie and Kellen and I took turns going down, but they were both able to climb onto it by themselves because they’re big and strong. I’m still little. Watch the video and see how much fun I had!

Walking the Dog

The rain finally stopped, so Mom, Dad and I took Bug on a long walk this afternoon. It was a little windy, but dry, and most of the snow is gone so Bugs paws stayed warm. My feet didn’t get wet at all because I hitched a ride in my cool backpack! I love it, especially when Dad clomps around like a horse!

Just an Update

I know, I know, another photo of me eating. But I do it a lot and Mom can get a good shot because I can’t crawl away! Just wanted to let everyone know that I”m over the Strep Throat I had, and whatever kind of stomach bug that came with it.

I’m officially eleven and a half months old. Can you believe it? I wonder if anyone is throwing me a surprise party. I love surprises. I also love grapes. I can’t get enough of them. Or any fruit, actually. In fact, I just like to eat.

That’s about it, I guess. Cousin Kellen is coming to town this weekend, so there will be lots of photos of us taken, I’m sure. If they can catch us!

I Can Spell my Name

Mom and Dad got me some really fun letters to play with in the tub. As if I didn’t already have lots of fun during bathtime! But anyway, I was playing with them the other day and look what I did, I spelled my name! I’m so smart.

And then I decided the Y looked like it would taste good. It did. Oh, and did I mention I reached 11 months last week? Yep, almost a year. Amazing.