Monthly Archives: April 2009

I Love Giraffes


I went to the Como Zoo today with Mom, Auntie Heather and my cousins Ally and Charlie. It was lots of fun. I wore my giraffe outfit (see the giraffe on my shirt? They were on my socks too.)


Here I am posing with the giraffes. 


And one of the baby giraffe. It was lots of fun! I can’t wait to go back and show Dad all the monkeys!!

4 Weeks Old


Stop the madness (and all the photos!)!!

I’m four weeks old today and I’ve already done so much! Here’s a recap:

• I’ve been to the pediatrician, what, like 4 times?

• I’ve been to the Minnesota Zoo.

* I’ve rolled over (from stomach to back) three times

* I’ve been out to lunch

* I’ve been to Minnehaha Falls a whole bunch of times

* I agree that the MN Wild need to restructure

* I’ve seen the new stadiums (Twins and Gophers)

* I’ve been to book club

* I love bath time and visits from friends & family

* I think the President is cute

* And finally, I love my dog, Bug