One-Year Old!

It’s my first birthday today! I vaguely recall the day I met Mom and Dad. I know I was cold and scared, but the scooped me up real guick like and hugged me tight. I think I slept a lot those first few days. And then I met my brother, Bug. He sure is a sweet brother, always looking out for me and trying to clean my face. I’ve had a lot of fun this past year, learning to sit up and crawl and eat and laugh. I’ve still only got two teeth and a little bit of hair, but I’m really close to walking and talking. I love to laugh and swim and crawl and walk from object to object. I love riding in my pink car and my backpack and napping on Dad. I hear there’s a big party for me this weekend with all my friends and cousins and grandparents. I can’t wait. I know just what I’m going to wear!

7 thoughts on “One-Year Old!

  1. Jill

    Happy Birthday, little Smileyhead! You are so precious – keep on smiling and showing off those beautiful teeth!

  2. K

    Hooray!! Happy Birthday. Tell Mom and Dad they are doing a great job so far helping you become a fabulous little person!

  3. Grandma Mary

    Grandpa and I can’t wait for the BIG PARTY!! It will be so much fun watching you open your first birthday presents and get birthday cake all over your face. Maybe Bogey will lick the crumbs and frosting off! See you Sunday, sweetie pie!


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