Monthly Archives: July 2011

Busy Weekend

We all had a busy weekend.

petting Boomer…. i love him….

Grandma and Grandpa Nibs came down to watch Bug and I so Mom and Dad could go see U2.

my new swing… i like to go fast!

And they spent the night so we could all celebrate Grandma and Grandpa J’s 50th wedding annivesary.

painting with Kellen… aren’t we cute?

Auntie Julie, Uncle Adam and Cousin Kellen were also in town for the party, so we went swimming and played with all my toys. It was a great weekend, but now I’m tired.

My New Climber


Mom and Dad just got me a new Climber. Well, new to me, but it used to belong to my friends Seth and Eleanor. I love it, can you tell?


I’m singing!! But I get excited when I know Mom is filming so the camera is hiding. And I get confused when I reach W. But it still sounds good, don’t you think?


My Cousins!

My three oldest cousins, Erika, Sean and Ally were in a Parade on the 4th of July! And we drove all the way to Wisconsin to see them. They got to ride in a float and they waved to me as they went past. So cool.


I climbed up here so I could see the boats in the lock. And I did it all by myself. My parents are afraid.

And here’s a picture of my pretty dress from the front. G&G Nibs brought it back from the Galapagos for me. So Pretty.