Monthly Archives: November 2009

8 Month Check-In

I turned 8 months old last week. I am starting to get some hair, mostly brown. Still no teeth, though I’ve been seriously teething for days now. Wish they’d pop through. I still love to smile (see above), I still love bath time and I still scream out in happiness whenever I see my big brother Bug. I have learned to feed myself puffs and small pieces of bananas. I make a big mess, but Mom and Dad think it’s fun to watch. I’ve started sitting up in the cart when Mom and I go shopping. I love looking around and smiling at strangers. Overall, I’m a pretty darn happy kid. Hee hee!

What a Monkey!


Gee, Mom. You’re so far behind. I can barely remember Halloween and she’s just now putting my photo up. I was a Monkey. Dad still thinks I’m a Monkey. Big Brother Bug was a Banana. He was really cute. Here I am with my Auntie Heather. She can’t get enough of me. I think she’s pretty cool, too. Hope you all still have some Halloween candy left!