Monthly Archives: August 2009



Mom and Dad brought me to the Como Zoo this week. Now that I’m big enough to face out in the Baby Bjorn I got to see all kinda of cool stuff, like the Zebras, Giraffes, all kinds of Monkeys (Primates) and even Sparky the Seal! I had fun!

Lazy Sunday


I borrowed the Digital SLR camera from work this weekend and Bug was the perfect Model. It was hot and sticky and windy anyway so we didn’t get out much. Oh well, we had some cuddle time instead.

Big Girl Chair


Look at me!!

I’ll be starting solids in a couple weeks, so Mom and Dad wanted to see how I liked the high chair. I think it’s pretty cool, but sure would be nice if there was some food on this tray. Hello? Food, please!!

Sleepy Girl


I had a virus this past weekend and was a little bit under the weather. I was still in a good mood, but I slept a lot and didn’t feel much like eating. (That had Mom worried…)


By Sunday I was back to my old self and enjoyed a visit from G&G Nibs and Cousin Evie. We had a great time.