Monthly Archives: April 2011

Easter at the Minnesota Zoo

We went to the Zoo today to see their special exhibit of Farm Babies.

I especially liked feeding the goats.

And more goats.

And on the way out we stopped to say hi to the Sea Otters. He swam right up to me and almost ran me over! He was super cute, too!

And just for the record, here’s a photo of me with the goats from last year. I was bald!

At the Tourney

We celebrated Grandpa Jones’ birthday last weekend at the NCAA Frozen Four tourney. I spent much of the time running around with three of my cousins, Kellen, Charlie and Allison. We had a blast. And our team, well, sort of our team, won! Mom and Auntie Julie both went to UMD for a little while, so we cheered them on. (As long as Michigan didn’t win.) And it was super sweet to be in the Suite. Thanks, Grandpa! Happy Birthday!!!