Monthly Archives: October 2009

More Professional Photos

Picture 5

I had more photos taken a couple of weeks ago. It was freezing outside, I’m not sure what Mom and Dad were thinking, but I wore a really warm sweater from my Grandma Carole so I was okay. Here’s just one of the shots. There are lots of them, including some with Bug and my parents. Ask my Mom for the link if you want to see all of them.

7 Months Old


Today I am 7 months old. Count ’em, seven. SEVEN! I can’t believe it. I’m sitting up all by myself, and I’m trying to crawl, but I find myself only going backwards. I love to eat, eat and eat. My favorites are butternut squash (see above), carrots, zucchini (go figure) and sweet potatoes. Bug really likes it when I eat Bananas, because he gets leftovers. I also love to smile. And to laugh. Life is good.

Pumpkin Patch


Mom and Dad brought me to the Pumpkin Patch today. There was a petting zoo where I got to meet a Donkey, a Llama and a bunch of goats. Dad fed them, but I didn’t get to. Something about eating my hand or something like that. Then we picked out four pumpkins, even Bug got a pumpkin! And while Mom and Dad were picking out the pumpkins I hid in a corn stalk for this photo.


And yeah, and here’s a shot of my friend the Donkey. He’s smiling!

Me and My Friends!


Some of Mom’s friends got together a few weeks ago to make Night-Light’s for their kid’s rooms. So Mom and I stopped by to say hello. Here I am with my friend’s Jylo and Maddie. We had a lot of fun.

(Editorial Note: This was just a few weeks ago. Notice the shorts, sandals, etc. Today it’s snowing)