Monthly Archives: January 2010

I’m a Golden Gopher

A Gopher recruiter called last week and asked that we do a campus visit. We stopped by Mariucci first, I love the ice… Okay, okay. Mom had a game at Mariucci this weekend so we went to watch her. That place is huge! And the ice is really cold and slippery, but I still had fun with Dad on the ice. Mom’s team lost and I slept through most of it. Oh well. Oh, and there was no recruiter. I’m way too young!

My Cousin Kellen

Right before we went to Mexico my Auntie Julie and Cousin Kellen came to visit. He’s 5 months older than me and really cool. He walks around and talks and we had a good time playing with my toys. I wish he lived closer but I’m already looking forward to the next time I see him!


Mom and Dad brought me to Mexico! We spent a lot of time sitting on the beach and sticking our feet (okay, whole bodies) in the ocean.

I loved it. I even started crawling into the ocean on my own! But the best was the floaty that I could sit in a ride around in the water. I giggled and kicked!

There are a lot more pictures to come, I’ll bug Mom to get them posted soon.


Mom and Dad took the Christmas tree down the other day. And then they started to move everything around and the next thing I knew, I had a new Playroom!

I helped Dad lay the floor tiles out.

And then we played and played and played.

I can roll around and crawl and throw my toys and I don’t have to worry about hitting my head on anything or pulling anything over. It also means I can’t chew with Bug’s toys, but that’s okay. I think I have enough of my own. And there are plenty of his toys upstairs when I play there 🙂

Children’s Museum with the Cousins

I went to the Children’s Museum the other day with my four cousins from Wisconsin. It was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time in the Habitot area where I could crawl around. My cousin Sean showed me around and helped me play with the big white ice castle bricks.

Then I went crawling through the caves, where cousin Charlie found me and gave me a really sweet hug.

And cousin Erika had me laughing at myself in the mirror. Cousin Allison was very busy running around playing, I never had a chance to get a photo with her.

We also saw the Dinosaur exhibit. One tried to eat me but I wasn’t scared. I knew my cousins would protect me.

Happy New Year Everyone!