Just an Update

I know, I know, another photo of me eating. But I do it a lot and Mom can get a good shot because I can’t crawl away! Just wanted to let everyone know that I”m over the Strep Throat I had, and whatever kind of stomach bug that came with it.

I’m officially eleven and a half months old. Can you believe it? I wonder if anyone is throwing me a surprise party. I love surprises. I also love grapes. I can’t get enough of them. Or any fruit, actually. In fact, I just like to eat.

That’s about it, I guess. Cousin Kellen is coming to town this weekend, so there will be lots of photos of us taken, I’m sure. If they can catch us!

One thought on “Just an Update

  1. Monika

    Glad you’re feeling better sweetie! Have a blast with your Cuz Keelen this weekend keeping Mommy & Auntie Julie on their toes!


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