Monthly Archives: June 2011

On The Train….


I got to go on a real train this weekend! Mom and Dad brought me to Osceola, where Grandma and Grandpa Nibs planned a whole day of train riding, food eating and lots of playing. The train was super duper cool. I really loved the Whistle. We had to stop once because there was a man and his dog on the tracks, but they got out of the way. And we saw Eagles nests and a River and Boaters and everything. And my friends Maddie, Lisa, Scott and Jen came with us! It was cool….


I love to Run. Mom has been bringing me with her when she goes running, and today I even tried to run with her. It didn’t last long and eventually she caught me and persuaded me to get back into the jogging stroller. Anyway, she was able to keep up with me and get this shot of me running through the back yard. I’m so fast! And cute!

And here’s a shot of Bogey. He’s pretty cute too.


I had my first haircut this weekend a few weeks ago. (Oops, Mom forgot to click “Publish”). Actually, it was just a bang trim. I didn’t like it. But now I think I look pretty good!