Monthly Archives: January 2015

so much to tell you!

Wow… Mom really hasn’t been on this site since my first day of Kindergarten???? What the heck has she been doing? Okay, I’ll tell you. She’s been helping me learn to read. She’s been helping me learn to play hockey. She’s been cutting my pears and cooking me pizza and taking me for ice cream. Daddy’s been doing all kinds of crazy stuff too! He taught me how to “deek” in hockey. He’s been bringing me to Ballet where I twirl and jump and point my toes. He’s let me beat him in air hockey at least 100 times. And our new puppy, Z? She’s amazing. And she’s already been with us for 6 months. Wait, what? She hasn’t told you about Z? She’ll write more later this week. I’ll make her double promise.

And here are some recent shots in case you forgot who I was:


My amazing gingerbread house that had Mom swearing like a sailor.


Sick day, Z took good care of me.


Dad introduced me to caviar. Now I request it.


Mom got me this awesome drawing book. I’m an artist!