Monthly Archives: May 2010

A Day at the Pool

We went to Grandma and Grandpa J’s swimming pool this weekend and I had a blast. I love the water and can’t stop giggling when I’m swimming around.

We took a short break for lunch and I even giggled then!

We spent the rest of the weekend walking Bug and playing in the yard. It sure was nice out! Hope you had fun, too!

New Sweater Dress and a Long Nap

Mom and Dad’s friend Monika brought over a belated birthday present for me this weekend, a super cute sweater dress! I love it and I have to say, it looks really good on me. I love it. Thanks, Monika! I wore it on Mother’s Day for Mom. But they made me change into a sweatshirt and jeans before I could help them in the yard.

I helped Dad plant Creeping Phlox in the front yard and helped Mom plant tomatoes and herbs in the back garden. Then I was really tired and took a long nap, almost 3 hours. Wow, I was tired.