Monthly Archives: September 2014



Well, Summer is over and Mom has failed to keep you updated on my doings. No worries. I’ll tell you all about Kindergarten.

I get to ride the bus in the morning with my friends, even though I don’t know their names. But I sit with the same girl in the second seat most days. Mom still brings me to the bus stop so she knows these things already. Then I spend the day with Srta. C in her class learning all kinds of stuff that I don’t tell Mom and Dad. Recess and lunchtime are my favorite. My friends A and A and I play and then go through the hot lunch line where I like to take extra vegetables. I have to pay extra but it doesn’t bother me. ¬†Or my Dad.

After school I either take the bus home (Yay!), do the after school program (Yay!) or go to swimming lessons (Yay!). It’s been over a week and I like it. I really really like it.