Monthly Archives: July 2010

A Fun Weekend

I had a really fun weekend with Mom and Dad. We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s pool on Saturday with four of my cousins. And on Sunday we went to the farmers market, a different pool, a bike ride and then Mom brought me to a party! I had a lot of fun and terrorized a couple cats at the party. The shot above was on the way to the farmer’s market. I didn’t want the papparazzi to recognize me. Ha!

Another Day, Another Pool

I went to another new pool today with my friends Maddie, Ryan and Jylo. We had a blast. I watched my friends go down the water slide and figured I had to go to. So I crawled up the stairs, turned around and sat on my bum and slid down. Over and over and over. It was a blast. Then we had a picnic lunch and I entertained the crowds. It was fun.

My New Sprinkler

Mom and Dad got a new sprinkler for me and I really like it. It’s called the Waterpillar and it shoots water all over the place. I love it! Dad helped me run through it, and then I ran through it a bit on my own. I love the water, have I mentioned that?

Art Fair Field Trip

I went to an Art Fair yesterday with Mom and Grandma Mary. It was warm, but I had a blast. I saw all kinds of dogs, and even got to pet a poodle and give a cracker to a dachshund named Buster. It was fun. And both Mom and Grandma found cool stuff to buy. Sweet!

I Met a K-9!

Mom and Dad brought me to the Richfield Kids Parade this weekend and while we were there I met a puppy! Not just any puppy, but a working dog. A big, huge 90-lb working dog named Wo-Jo. He’s part of the Richfield Police Department and was really sweet. And really smart. Dad supervised as I pet him, but he made me stop kicking him ’cause I guess that’s not nice.