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B’s Third Birthday Party

My friend B just turned three and this past weekend Mom and Grandma came with me to her party. Her grandparents live on a cool lake so we were able to go out on their pontoon!



We ate cupcakes!


We hit a pinata…


(and gathered lots of candy).


And then I sang as loud as I could for the whole drive home.

Thanks J & B for a great day!

What a Weekend!

Wow – what a busy weekend I had. I proved it was probably too busy by completely melting down Sunday night. But it was worth it.

Saturday morning I went to a birthday party for a classmate, and my entire class was there! We played games, ate cake and popped balloons with our bottoms! In the photo above I’m getting wrapped up like a Mummy!

Then we went up north to Grandma and Grandpa Nibs house. I helped Grandpa feed the birds …

and Sunday morning we rode a train to see the fall colors.

When we got home, Mom brought me to see the latest Ice Age movie at the neighborhood theater.

Then we went to the playground and played “Ice Age.” I was Ellie, Mom was Manny and the world was falling apart. We had a blast. Now I’m off to bed… I’m really tired.

The Great Minnesota Get Together

I made it make to the fair again this year!

(i can jump really high!)

(top o de ferris wheel with grandpa bob)

(the giant slide with dad, mom in the foreground)

(cotton candy is MORE important than smiling)

(my favorite ride: the boats, with a random new friend)

It’s my fourth year attending, and my third year going down the Giant Slide. Mom didn’t bring her fancy camera, so these shots are from her phone and her little digital camera.

And here are photos from years past. Guess I’ve grown a bit!





Mom brought me to get my hair cut the other night. I asked to have it cut like Daddy’s, but she didn’t think it was a good idea. Our friend Kyle did a great job, though, and when she was done I told Mom she should have her hair cut just like mine!

Cute, eh?

Sunday Funday!

I brought Mom and Dad to the Como Zoo on Sunday morning. It was the nicest part of the weekend and we saw lots of cool animals. I really liked the Orangutans and the Lions and the Tigers. And did you know there are Ducks at the Zoo? They were swimming with the Flamingos and in the Seals pool. I also got to sit on a Tortoise. Really! Okay, maybe he wasn’t real. But he was still big and I might have snuck him a goldfish.

After the Zoo we went out to lunch. I thought the smoking shrimp cocktail was really cool but I didn’t want to try it. See that look?

Here’s a really old post from when I was little at the Zoo. Ha!