Monthly Archives: August 2011

What a Weekend!

Wow! What a weekend! I had so much fun. Friday I met my friends Jylo and Harper at the Playground and then we went out to lunch.

Saturday I ran a 5k with Mommy, Auntie Heather and Cousins Erika and Sean. I cheered the whole time and saw a Bear!


Sunday we went shopping at the Farmer’s Market and then I went to my friend Owen’s birthday part at Pump It Up. What a blast!. Here’s a video of Daddy and I going down the big slide. We went really fast. And we went down it a lot!

Fishing with Grandma & Grandpa Nibs

We went fishing near their house this past weekend. I was all excited until Daddy brought the first fish out of the water and it flopped and flopped and flopped. He finally got it in a bucket where it quickly fell asleep.

I had a better time feeding the fish and watching them jump and splash me. Too cool!

(And Mom wanted me to tell you that the only reason I have a Nuk in my mouth is to keep my fingers out. I guess they were dirty.)

Riding Coco

A few weeks ago Mom and Dad brought me to a neighborhood festival. There was a pool and games and pizza, but best of all there was a Pony! I got to ride Coco and I had so much fun. Now every horse I see is called Coco!


Sometimes I just like to make a mess.

Mom and I had to sit around last week for the cable guy to stop by and fix our cable. While we waited, I pulled out all my blankets and out all my stuffed friends to bed. What a a mess.

I Fed the Ducks!

Mom and Dad brought me to Northern Wisconsin for a few days. It was a long drive but it was a lot of fun. There was two swimming pools and a beach and a playground and a whole lot of ducks. Ducks! And I got to feed them (watch the video here). Right from my hand! But most of the time I just threw the crackers or bread right at them. I wanted to bring one home, but Mom couldn’t catch one. That’s okay, I think they like hanging out by the lake.