Monthly Archives: September 2011

All My Friends

Here I am with nearly all of my friend. I can even name all of them. From bottom left, froggy, monkey, olivia, teddy, giraffe, bunny, (2nd row) clown monkey, dolly, george, violet, (3rd row) Baby, Seal, Dora & Boots, Monster, (4th row) Bankie-bear, Owen, ME, Stella, Little Bogey, (5th row) Other Dora, Teddy2, and Coco.

Now, who am I missing?

I Love a Parade

Mom brought me to the Autumn Daze Parade this weekend. It was chilly out, but i saw cool cars and horses and music and lots of police cars.

After the parade we went to the festival and I got to drive this cool blue car. Look at how serious I am as I go around the bend! Wow!


It rained nearly all day on Sunday. We went to Target, watched movies, skyped with cousin Kellen and finally made it out for a walk in the late afternoon. I got to wear my super cute rain boots and rain coat.

But I ditched it when I realized the rain was done, grabbed Bug’s leash and want out on my own.