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I drew this picture for my teacher yesterday. The day before that the cardboard gave me a paper cut. But yesterday I went ahead anyway and created this masterpiece. Mom and Dad are proud. I’m sure my teacher will be too.


(BTW – Mom just said I can start writing my own posts from now on. Sweet!)



Well, Summer is over and Mom has failed to keep you updated on my doings. No worries. I’ll tell you all about Kindergarten.

I get to ride the bus in the morning with my friends, even though I don’t know their names. But I sit with the same girl in the second seat most days. Mom still brings me to the bus stop so she knows these things already. Then I spend the day with Srta. C in her class learning all kinds of stuff that I don’t tell Mom and Dad. Recess and lunchtime are my favorite. My friends A and A and I play and then go through the hot lunch line where I like to take extra vegetables. I have to pay extra but it doesn’t bother me.  Or my Dad.

After school I either take the bus home (Yay!), do the after school program (Yay!) or go to swimming lessons (Yay!). It’s been over a week and I like it. I really really like it.

The Holidays

Did I totally forget to tell you about the holidays?

Oh, well, here are a few photos.

Now that I’m back in school full time it’s hard to keep up!


All the cousins: Kellen, Charlie, Erika, Kenzie, Sean, Ally and ME!


Charlie, Ally and ME!


My new unicorn!


And one stink in’ cute present!