Monthly Archives: April 2013

4 Year Stats


I had my Four-Year old Doctor appointment last week, and guess what… I’m off the charts in height!! Seriously. I’m 43.5 inches tall. And I weigh 41 lbs (but I was 39.5 three days earlier). Here’s a photo of me making a card for Dr. Miller. He was impressed. 

Easter 2013

We spent Easter at my Grandma and Grandpa Nibs house this past weekend and on Sunday Auntie Vickie and Cousin Ryan came over too.

photo-1 copy 2

I searched for Easter eggs (and found lots and lots).


I ate most of the Deviled Eggs. (not my Mimosa behind me)


The Puppies kept each other busy.


I helped decorate the birthday cake. (note the paper towels and 409 in the background)

photo-1 copy

And then I helped Ryan and Daddy blow out the candles 🙂