Monthly Archives: January 2011


Mom and I played with watercolors this past weekend. Both the paper and the paints were from her college days. That must have been a long time ago because they sure were dusty!

I made a masterpiece.

Adventure Peak

I’ve been to the super fun Adventure Peak climbing center at Edinborough a few times since we’ve been snowbound and it’s been a blast. I love the slides and tunnels and rope climbs. I went once with cousin Kellen and he went down the slides by himself! I was impressed. Mom made me ride in her lap. Oh well.

Christmas Day!

This was before, during, and after opening some of my presents on Christmas Morning. Santa thought I was really good this year and brought me lots of fun things, including a Tutu!

I like the Kitchen and play food a whole lot better.

And Grandma and Grandpa Nibs gave me a John Deere tractor and wheelbarrow. Lots of fun!