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More Denver Photos

Here are some more photos of my trip to Denver. There’s Kellen showing me showing me which toys I can play with; Kellen with his faux hawk (it’s so cool that he has hair!); Kellen looking a lot like cousin Charlie; the two of us at the liquor store (!); Kellen showing off his walking style for the camera and for Auntie Christy; Auntie Joy and I showing off our dimples; and Benjamin and I with Aunties Joy and Kari. I miss them already!

Trip to Denver

I just got back from a long weekend in Denver. I stayed with my cool cousin Kellen. He can crawl all over the place and is almost walking. I also had lots of fun with my Aunt Julie and her friends, including Auntie Becky, who Mommy has known since she was 12. She’s Benjamin’s Mommy. He’s only 6 weeks old but almost as big as me! Isn’t that silly?