New Sweater Dress and a Long Nap

Mom and Dad’s friend Monika brought over a belated birthday present for me this weekend, a super cute sweater dress! I love it and I have to say, it looks really good on me. I love it. Thanks, Monika! I wore it on Mother’s Day for Mom. But they made me change into a sweatshirt and jeans before I could help them in the yard.

I helped Dad plant Creeping Phlox in the front yard and helped Mom plant tomatoes and herbs in the back garden. Then I was really tired and took a long nap, almost 3 hours. Wow, I was tired.

One thought on “New Sweater Dress and a Long Nap

  1. Monika

    You look adorable in it! ❤ I’m so glad it fit. Your friend Ryan had fun seeing you & your big brother the other day too – We’ll have to do it again soon.


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