My New Car!

A friend of Mom and Dad’s brought me a belated shower gift. A Car! I love it. It has a handle on the back so they can push me around like a stroller. I can’t wait until the snow melts so we can go around the block with Bug. Until then, I’m learning to drive inside. Ha!

3 thoughts on “My New Car!

  1. carole

    Cute, cute, cute!! But won’t mommy and daddy be tearing their hair in about 15 years when you’re behind the wheel of a real car?!

  2. g-love

    Your child is never without that adorable smile! I cannot believe how big she is getting too. We’ll have to do a play date soon. Maddie will teach her how to shake her hips.

  3. Mom Melsha

    Love your new ride Sweetie! Now tell Mommy & Daddy you want to drive really fast once the snow melts & you can road test it outside ( :


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