I Met Santa

Mom and Dad, along with Grandma and Grandpa Nibs, brought me downtown to see the Macy’s 8th floor exhibit.

I loved it. I loved the shiny lights and the moving characters and the dogs! Mom read the story to me as we went through. It was really cool. And then, at the end, Santa was waiting for me! We went bright and early in the morning so there was no line and I got to see Santa right away.

At first I was scared and crabby, but then I started laughing. Even Santa thought I smiled a lot, and said something like, “Wow, he sure is smiley!” We didn’t try to correct him.

Mom will post the real Santa photo soon, so stay tuned! (And she asked that I tell you that she had the wrong settings on her camera, which explains the fuzzy shots. She fixed it halfway through the exhibit. Oops.)

2 thoughts on “I Met Santa

  1. carole

    Gramdpa and Grandma Nibs sure had a ball. We loved watching your delight. You had fun through the whole day, even at lunch afterwards where you sat so grown-up in the highchair smiling at everyone.


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