My First (Second) Trip to the Minnesota State Fair

My friend Maddie and I went to the State Fair today with our Mom’s. I guess I was there last year but was the size of a jelly bean in my mom’s belly. This year was more fun.


Here I am in the Cattle Barn posing with a beautiful big cow. Maddie is a little bit older than me and she actually got to milk a cow. Well, a plastic cow, but that’s still pretty cool. We won’t tell you what happened on our way out of the barn, but we had to jump back really quick to avoid getting hit by something stinky!


We wandered around the rest of the fair and watched our Moms eat. Maddie went on a couple rides and I hung out with Mom in the Baby Bjorn. That fair is a big place and we all were pretty tired by the time we headed out. Can’t wait until next year when I can take my first bite of fair food!

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