Look At Me!


I was getting really sick of just lying around all the time and am a very happy girl when I get to stand up. I have a hard time standing on my own, so Daddy put together my Baby Einstein Exersaucer thingy. I love it.


Officially, I’m not quite big enough for it yet, but I had fun pushing the buttons to hear the animal sounds. There’s even a dragon puppet on the other side. Pretty soon I’ll be big enough to really enjoy it.

Thanks Dad!

3 thoughts on “Look At Me!

  1. K

    She is getting so big! She’s lovely. And Anna introduced me to the exersaucer (exorcist) when my nephews were visiting. It’s a godsend!!!

  2. Carole

    Wow, you’ll soon be standing and then crawling and then WALKING. That’s when you get to drive your parents crazy by staying 2 steps ahead of them at all times.


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