3 Months Old


I turned 3 months old yesterday and to celebrate I went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s pool with my Mom and Auntie Lisa. I really liked watching the water and didn’t mind sticking my feet in.


I have a super cute suit with a butterfly on it. I think I look pretty good in it. What do you think?


Swimming is a lot of work, so after I hung out with my Grandma I took a long nap. 


3 thoughts on “3 Months Old

  1. Auntie Julie

    Kellen is so jealous that all the other cousins get to go to the pool. Your bathing suit is very cute. Love the butterfly.

  2. Mom Melsha

    Ok you couldn’t be any cuter! The shot in the car seat makes you look like you are wearing a big floaty princess skirt!


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