3 thoughts on “I Still Love Bathtime

  1. Auntie Julie

    I really like your towel. Also, let your big brother know that I love his little face on the top of your blog page as well. Good to see you last weekend, I miss everyone already.

  2. Grandma Mary

    It’s so cute to see Bogey’s little doggie face on the top of the blog. You have no idea how much he adores you yet, Skylar, but you’ll find out soon enough. I had fun taking a walk with you and Bogey yesterday. You enjoyed it as much as he did. Can’t wait til it’s warm enough for you to take a dip in our pool!! Love and Kisses from Grandma Mary!

  3. threesneakybugs

    You are very, very lucky. You’re mom must have done something right. Eleanor didn’t like her baths from day 1 until about a month or so ago.


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