6 thoughts on “Tomboy

  1. Auntie Julie

    Kellen loved that outfit. I hope you can wear it for awhile. CO is heading into our hot season. I’m pretty sure you need to thank Charlie for the original outfit. It seems like you have pretty nice cousins.

  2. Grandma Mary

    Skylar, how does your mommy really know you’re a tomboy? Maybe you’re going to be a real “girly” girl who (perish the thought) will want to take ballet lessons instead of playing hockey. Kids have a way of surprising their parents. But you do look really cute in your blue hoodie and look at those gorgeous eyes!! You go girl!!

  3. Carole

    Little Girl, you are adorable. That tomboy outfit just suits you. You’ll soon be climbing trees and scaring your mommy and daddy to death. Maybe big brother, Bogey, too.


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