4 Weeks Old


Stop the madness (and all the photos!)!!

I’m four weeks old today and I’ve already done so much! Here’s a recap:

• I’ve been to the pediatrician, what, like 4 times?

• I’ve been to the Minnesota Zoo.

* I’ve rolled over (from stomach to back) three times

* I’ve been out to lunch

* I’ve been to Minnehaha Falls a whole bunch of times

* I agree that the MN Wild need to restructure

* I’ve seen the new stadiums (Twins and Gophers)

* I’ve been to book club

* I love bath time and visits from friends & family

* I think the President is cute

* And finally, I love my dog, Bug

5 thoughts on “4 Weeks Old

  1. M2

    Happy 4-week birthday, Lil’ Nib! We’re so glad you’re here! You’ll need lots of naps to keep up all that activity! (And so will your mom and dad!) Have lots of fun!

  2. Grandma Mary

    You’ve been SO busy, little girl!! And you seem to be so content and placid wherever you go. No wonder they like to take you places. Happy 4 week birthday, sweetheart!!
    Lots of hugs and kisses from Grandma – hope to see you soon.

  3. Mom Melsha

    You done so much in your 1st 4 weeks. Tell Mommy & Daddy to keep those photos coming – you can never have too many in my opinion! So adorable…


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