Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Twins Won! Twice!


I’ve got my Minnesota Twins collar on now. I wear it in the summer to cheer on my favorite baseball team. This year I was a day late. It’s why they lost their first game, but the won their second and their third!

Oh – and my mom and dad say I’ve been a really good big brother. I love my little sister and I like to kiss her on the top of the head. I used to check on her each time she cried, but that got old. Now I just check on her if a stranger is checking her out. She’s pretty cool though, so I think I’ll let them keep her. They say some day she’ll drop cheerios on the floor. Can’t wait.

Napping with Dad


Grandma and Grandpa Nibs came down this weekend and brought my mom and dad lunch. Grandma Nibs took this photo of me as I slept on my dad. I LOVE napping on my Pops. He really knows how to calm me down and then we talk about Hockey. I wonder if the Wild will make the playoffs….

One Week!

all cleaned up!


all cleaned up!


It’s been one week since I joined the world. I’ve had lots of visits, have been to the doctor and even went shopping at SuperTarget. I’m proud to say that I didn’t request one toy or treat. I’m eating like a champ and putting on weight. And I’m even letting my parents sleep a little bit at night. But not too much. 

Here’s a lovely photo of me right after my second bath. It went better than my first bath, but I still didn’t really like it all that much. But I do love the bumblebees on my toes. My daddy picked out this outfit, isn’t it cute?