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Feeding the Goats!

Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa Nibs brought me to see the Baby Animals at the Zoo this weekend. The place was really crowded but I didn’t really care. I was just excited to see the goats and the Tractors.

Here’s a few shots of Grandpa helping me feed the Goats. Man, they’re hungry! Sort of like me with birthday cake!


What a difference a week makes. These first few shots were of last week. I was wearing snowpants, a hat, mittens, etc. This last photo was of today. So. Much. Nicer. We walked there. And Bug came with us!

Christmas Day

A few pictures from Christmas Day. I had fun, but crashed mid-afternoon and had a rough night. Apparently I’m getting my 2-year molars and they hurt!

Opening my stocking.

Opening Play-Doh from Santa.

Reading a book from Santa to Daddy.

Breakfast (Mom made pannekoekens!)

Helping Grandma open her pressure cooker.

My new Doll House. Love.

Busy Weekend

We all had a busy weekend.

petting Boomer…. i love him….

Grandma and Grandpa Nibs came down to watch Bug and I so Mom and Dad could go see U2.

my new swing… i like to go fast!

And they spent the night so we could all celebrate Grandma and Grandpa J’s 50th wedding annivesary.

painting with Kellen… aren’t we cute?

Auntie Julie, Uncle Adam and Cousin Kellen were also in town for the party, so we went swimming and played with all my toys. It was a great weekend, but now I’m tired.