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Oscar’s Party!

My friend Oscar turned three and I had a really really good time at his party. A whole lot of my friends from school were there and there was a bounce house and a bouncy obstacle course. What a blast.

I might have taken a couple spills and I might have had a big chocolate cupcake as well. Yum!

Oh, and did I tell you about the cupcake? I guess I liked it.


I’m two today.

And I’m 36 inches tall and 28.2 lbs. Turns out my mom was 36 inches when she was my age, so maybe I’ll be 6 feet tall someday?

To celebrate we’re heading to the Zoo. And then out to lunch. And then we’ll probably go swimming. And then on Saturday I’m having a birthday party. I can’t wait. And I’ll tell you all about it next week!

Christmas Day!

This was before, during, and after opening some of my presents on Christmas Morning. Santa thought I was really good this year and brought me lots of fun things, including a Tutu!

I like the Kitchen and play food a whole lot better.

And Grandma and Grandpa Nibs gave me a John Deere tractor and wheelbarrow. Lots of fun!

Big News!

Mom is making me show you this report… it’s what my teachers send home everyday from School. Notice there, about halfway down, where it says “On The Potty?” Notice the check marks after it? Yep! I guess she’s pretty proud of me.

Our Christmas Tree!

Mom and Dad brought me to pick out our tree this weekend and I had a blast! I ran around all the big tall trees and was very happy to see a happy dog picking out a tree for herself!

When we got home Dad strung lights all around it and then we hung shiny balls all over it. My favorite part was taking the balls off after Mom and Dad hung them up! This is going to be fun!